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spaggetini spirulina and cranberries

Company:                 GAIA GREEK

Country of origin:    GREECE

Min order:                 1 euro pallet: 672 units

Price:                          € 1,60

Supply ability:           100000 kgr

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Product type:

Brand Name: GAIA GREEK

Country of Origin: GREECE



"Ingredients "Durum wheat semolina, fresh eggs (9,6% ), cranberry ( 4% ),spirulina ( 0,8% ) and salt."

Dry pasta made from semolina,spirulina and cranberry
Fast cook meal
Its tasty
is two-color, the green comes from the spirulina and the yellow from the egg and the cranberry
Its spaggetini
" Premium quality and the finest taste, from the best Greek spirulina and cranberry
100% natural - without flavor enhancers, without aromas, without fillers, without preservatives etc.
Great amound of high biological value protein
Wide range of vitamins and trace elements
Rich in carbohydrates


Delivery Terms:



Min Order Quantity: 1 euro pallet: 672 units

Price: € 1,60

Annual Supply Ability: 100000 kgr

Product Specifications: "The proportion of the spirulina and cranberry contained in the pasta contributes : In the immune system Better performances in sporting activities Womens health 100% natural slimming aid " " Accompanies an exceptionally roasted meat . It is just one main meal with fresh tomato ,feta cheese,oregano Ideal for athletes Ideal for people in diets "


Product Style: Dried

Type of Processing: Knead fresh ingredients and dry them in ovens

Product Variety:


Packaging Type: Bag

Packaging Material: Plastic

Packaging Weight/Volume: 330 gr





Gaia Greek is a commercial Company from Kiato in Corinth,Peloponnese.Our pasta products made in local units according to our standards for traditional recipes. Daily production is around 1,5 tonnes in order to maintain the quality in high levels, and focus to clients needs.
The uniqueness & competition of our products comes from the use of only goat milk, in order to have low fat and low cholesterol, fresh eggs, many vitamins, with a pleasure taste. Also they are enriched with dried vegetables.
The same pasta is possible to be produced with or without eggs,with or without milk,only with vegetables,cuttlefish ink,aloe vera, goji berries, lemongrass,etc,also with different flours,such as wholegrain,triticum dicoccum,fava,chickpea and lentils.
We also produce organic pasta.
The experience of our producers guarantees a high quality product and the satisfaction of our customers.
During the last five years, we have developed the client-specific side of our business, providing products for fine-dining restaurants, hotels, catering businesses and private clinics. We are proud that many chefs in Corinth choose and prefer Gaia Greek pasta for their recipes
In 2016 we decided to expand our horizons outside Greece by approaching individual companies like yourselves. We wish to build abroad the same success we have achieved in our domestic market, as we really believe that our products are an excellent showcase for the famous Mediterranean diet.


Selling Categories

- Grain and Cereal>>Pasta


Member since                2019-04-04

Business Type                Producer & Trading Company

Year established            2012

Employees total             10

Annual revenue            


Contact Information


Address         K. DIMINIO

City                 KIATO KORINTH

Country         Greece

Phone            +302742027013





Payment Terms:

50%payment in advance
payment by delivery






ISO 22000:2005
FSSC 22000:2010