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Wheat Gluten

Company:                 Faradaneh Starch co.

Country of origin:    Iran

Min order:                 24 MT

Price:                          1500$

Supply ability:           3000MT

Product details

Company profile


Product type: Wheat Gluten

Brand Name: Faradaneh

Country of Origin: Iran



Vital Wheart Gluten


Delivery Terms:



Min Order Quantity: 24 MT

Price: 1500$

Annual Supply Ability: 3000MT

Product Specifications: 80% Protein


Product Style: Dried

Type of Processing: Manufacuring

Product Variety: 1


Packaging Type: Bag

Packaging Material: Plastic

Packaging Weight/Volume: 25 KG

About Faradaneh Starch co.


Legal Name: Faradaneh Starch co.


Faradaneh Starch Company started its activity from 1987. This company consists of three units in the Fars province, namely, Shiraz unit under the trade name of Faradaneh, Marvdasht unit under trade name of Fars Glucosine, and the mineral water unit under the trade name of Mineral 360 in Sepidan and they are established in a ground total area of 12 hectares.
The products of the company which are all produced from the wheat flour, include various types of edible as well as industrial starch and gluten and modified variations of starch for various industrial applications.
The company has the capacity of production of 30000 tons of starch and 4000 tons of gluten annually and presently has covered the needs of most of major companies and industries all over Iran.
Faradaneh Production Company has always considered as its main strategy the satisfaction and credit of its customers and considers the improvement of the quality level and hygiene of the products as the basis of entering the international markets. The company management follows the powerful and intelligent presence in the international market as a means of realizing the idea of raising the holy flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran all over the world.
We consider the pleasure of being the best a result of having the bests and are proud that the name of our products always mean the quality and satisfaction of the customers.
Meanwhile, Faradaneh Complex, using barter transactions, can supply all types of the following products to its esteemed customers
various types of corn starch and gluten
various types of Transparent(Shaffaf), Excellent(Momtaz) and Special (Vigeh) glucose
various types of rice flour, etc.


Selling Categories

- Food Ingredients>>Food Additives

- Food Ingredients>>Other Food Ingredients


Member since                2018-07-24

Business Type                Producer & Trading Company

Year established            1978

Employees total             100

Annual revenue             25000000 USD


Contact Information

Company      Faradaneh Starch co.

Address         Office No2, Kholde barin Building, Beheshti St Shiraz, Iran

City                 Shiraz

Country         Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Phone            +989058786954

Fax                 +987136266265




Payment Terms:



Wheat Starch & Gluten