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Pastel de Nata

Company:                 Landerfoods Hungary Kft

Country of origin:    Hungary

Min order:                


Supply ability:          

Product details

Company profile


Product type:

Brand Name: Pastel Portugal

Country of Origin: Hungary



Crispy puff pastry basket filled by egg cream in the taste of cinnamon-vanilla.


Delivery Terms:


Min Order Quantity:


Annual Supply Ability:

Product Specifications:


Product Style: Frozen

Type of Processing:

Product Variety:


Packaging Type: Carton

Packaging Material:

Packaging Weight/Volume: 7 kg

About Landerfoods Hungary Kft


Legal Name: Landerfoods Hungary Kft


Landerfoods was founded by Zora Martity in 2018 and includes a team of food and marketing experts, sales veterans who share a passion for producing and selling the iconic Portuguese pastry, Pastel de Nata and who are committed to innovation, long-term brand investment, disciplined sales execution and focused sustainability. People at us stand by our values: the passion for quality and good foods, enjoyment of life, respect of cultural diversity, and the protection of The Planet.
Landerfoods is based in Budapest with distributor network in Europe. Learn more about our product please visit our websites.


Selling Categories

- Bakery>>Pastry


Member since                2019-05-03

Business Type                Producer

Year established            2018

Employees total             19

Annual revenue            


Contact Information

Company      Landerfoods Hungary Kft

Address         Szentendrei ut 95.

City                 Budapest

Country         Hungary

Phone            +36302096603




Payment Terms:



Slovakia, Slovenia





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