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Pure Olive Oils in Pets

Company:                 Cruzoliva Olive Oils & Olives

Country of origin:    Spain

Min order:                 1 Pallet

Price:                          1

Supply ability:           20.000.000 kg

Product details

Company profile


Product type: Olive Oil

Brand Name: Caldeolive, Private Label

Country of Origin: Spain



il obtained after a mixture of virgin olive oil, and a chemically refined olive oil. This oil does not have the characteristics of smell and taste such as extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil, although it contains all its properties since it comes from virgin olive oil.

Within this category we find two differentiated products

-Diolive intense Olive Oil

-Diolive mild Olive Oil

The main difference between the two is a subtle brushstroke of flavor since in the elaboration of the intense olive oil a greater amount of virgin olive oil is used, hence its flavor is more powerful than that of the mild olive oil that has a lighter taste.

We recommend our intense olive oil Diolive to those who want to enhance the taste of olive oil on your table at a lower price than virgin olive oil and extra virgin in both raw and cooked food.

Using Diolive mild Olive Oil, it is advised for those who want to enjoy all the benefits of olive oils without losing the proper taste of food made from raw or stewed.


5 Litres
2 Litres
1 Litre


Delivery Terms:



Min Order Quantity: 1 Pallet

Price: 1

Annual Supply Ability: 20.000.000 kg

Product Specifications: Refined Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Product Style: Agrochemical

Type of Processing: Refined

Product Variety: Olive Oil


Packaging Type: Pallet

Packaging Material: Plastic

Packaging Weight/Volume: Glass, Pets, Tins and in Bulk

About Cruzoliva Olive Oils & Olives


Legal Name: Cruzoliva Olive Oil & Olives &Audaz Teoria S.L


Since 2000, Yago Cruz Rioboo, the founder and CEO of the company has been in the business of bringing high-quality specialty foods products including Olive oils, Table Olives, Vegetable oils, Wines, and other popular food items to its customers, first with Spain Export S.L and after with Cruzoliva Olive Oils and Olives. The company was born to serve the Retail and Foodservice markets throughout the world.

Cruzoliva Olive Oils and Olives provides products under its own brand names Cruzoliva, Yagos, Sebastian and Myto and also works with clients under Private Labels packing.

Cruzoliva Olive Oils and Olives, made a joint venture with the company from Portugal Audaz Teoria S.L to increase the exports of olive oil and olives in bulk and prepare these products for consumption and delivery under in-house supervision. On the same year, we made a new Joint Venture in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, located at the port. CANAL VERDE.

Now both companies also sell specialty foods and condiments including garlic, Roasted Red Peppers, Red and White wine from Spain and Portugal, Fresh and Frozen vegetables and more, forming a broad selection of Mediterranean Food items. Packing in different plants across Spain.

We serve many trade channels including retail and foodservice (HORECA).

All food items can be purchased in bulk.


Selling Categories

- Oils & Fats>>Olive Oil

- Oils & Fats>>Vegetable Oils & Fats


Member since                2018-05-12

Business Type                Producer & Trading Company

Year established            2000

Employees total             45

Annual revenue            


Contact Information

Company      Cruzoliva Olive Oil & Olives &Audaz Teoria S.L

Address         Avda. Repunlica Argentina 43. 41011 Seville. Comertial Office Them we have seceral plants in Priego de Cordoba, Dos Hermanas, Salamanca,Malaga in Spain Olive Oils and Olives, Portugal Table Olives, Brazil & USA overseas Branches

City                 Seville

Country         Spain

Phone            0034695338305


Skype             santiago.tioboo1



Payment Terms:

Advance, Advance + CAD, L/C



Europe, Asia, America, Africa , Middle East, Australia



BRC, SGS, FDA, Kosher