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STALIA Bottle Extra Virgin Olive oil 500 ml with Box

Company:                 STALIA (Olive Oil)

Country of origin:    Greece

Min order:                 9

Price:                          19,70€

Supply ability:          

Product details

Company profile


Product type: Extra Virgin Olive oil

Brand Name: STALIA

Country of Origin: Greece




Delivery Terms:


Min Order Quantity: 9

Price: 19,70€

Annual Supply Ability:

Product Specifications:


Product Style: Other

Type of Processing:

Product Variety:


Packaging Type: Box

Packaging Material: Glass

Packaging Weight/Volume: 1,08Kg

About STALIA (Olive Oil)


Legal Name: Konstantinos Bougatsos


We are two young sisters who have always observed and participated in the cultivation and production of olive oil, moved by the love and interest that our grandparents and parents have inspired in us. Growing up, we decided to invest in our land, and to make a new beginning using innovative ideas. With the support of our father, we continue the family tradition by following established cultivation and olive pressing practices and introducing new, improved and certified methods in order to produce extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

We pay attention to every detail, personally designing every aspect of a beautiful product.

This is our STALIA.


Selling Categories

- Oils & Fats>>Olive Oil


Member since                2019-03-22

Business Type                Producer & Trading Company

Year established            2016

Employees total             3

Annual revenue            


Contact Information

Company      Konstantinos Bougatsos

Address         46 Moisiodakos str

City                 Athens Greece

Country         Greece

Phone            +302106930366





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