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Belia Premium Olive Oil

Company:                 Belia Premium Olive Oil

Country of origin:    Greece

Min order:                 One carton (12 cans)

Price:                          € 4,00

Supply ability:           10.000 kgs

Product details

Company profile


Product type: Bottled

Brand Name: Belia Premium Olive Oil

Country of Origin: Greece



BELIA PREMIUM OLIVE OIL is a multi-awarded EVOO.
A superior product that stands out for its high phenols concentration, very low acidity %, a medium intensity fruitiness and a perfectly balanced presence of the bitter and pungent elements an extra virgin olive oil should have.


Delivery Terms:


Min Order Quantity: One carton (12 cans)

Price: € 4,00

Annual Supply Ability: 10.000 kgs

Product Specifications: Very low acidity % (0,3) Very high phenols


Product Style: Raw

Type of Processing:

Product Variety: 100% Koroneiki


Packaging Type: Can

Packaging Material: Other

Packaging Weight/Volume: 500ml can

About Belia Premium Olive Oil


Legal Name: P.Stratikopoulou-G.Triantafyllidis


Unsurpassed aroma. Unforgettable taste. Extremely low acidity (0,3%).
Clear, deep-green colour.
This is Belia Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
With pleasure, we would like to welcome you to our world.
A world of superb quality, full of fresh aroma and rich fruity flavour.
So come on aboard, join us. Live our vision, taste our passion.
Our private mountainous olive grove is located outside the mountainous small village of Mouzaki, in Messenia prefecture, in southwestern Peloponnesus.
Our olive grove is ecologically cultivated and harvested. At an altitude of 500 mts. and a distance of just 12 klm from the Ionian Sea, the use of pesticides and other chemicals is unnecessary. We cultivate solely the Koroneiki variety olive tree which, despite its low yield, it is considered by many the king of olive oil producing varieties.
Our olive trees benefit from the unique microclimate and the fertile soil of this blessed region of Greece for their growth. The constant presence of a beehive in our field (a natural proof of a healthy environment), ensures that all the aromas of the wild plants and herbs of the surrounding area are being transferred on our olive fruits.
Our extra virgin olive oil is extracted only from the Koroneiki variety olive tree. This is because, despite its very low yield, it is one of the very few varieties (if not the only one) which will keep its aroma unaltered from day one of extraction till the last day of the bottles shelf-life (). So you can savour all of it, till the last drop.
Belia extra virgin olive oil has a medium intensity fruitiness and a perfectly balanced presence of the bitter and pungent elements a superior olive oil should have. Freshly cut grass, wild oregano and thyme, mountain tea and lemony flavours complement the pleasant and lasting imprint it leaves on our senses.
We handpick our olives at the right time, usually late October - early November, just as they start turning purplish. The gathered olives are being transferred within few hours to the two-phase olive mill and cold-pressed immediately, never exceeding a temperature of 25C while doing this. This way, we keep the acidity percentage very low (almost always 0,3%) but most important the high concentration of the precious phenols, olive oils natural chemical elements that make it so nutritious and beneficial for human health due to their antioxidant and anti-iflammatory properties, remains unaltered.


Selling Categories

- Oils & Fats>>Olive Oil


Member since                2019-03-22

Business Type                Producer

Year established            2012

Employees total             5

Annual revenue            


Contact Information

Company      P.Stratikopoulou-G.Triantafyllidis

Address         14th Klm Thessaloniki-Nea Anchialos 57011 Thessaloniki Greece

City                 Thessaloniki

Country         Greece

Phone            2310722222





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