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Turnkey soultion for multigrain chips production

Company:                 UTF-GROUP

Country of origin:    Ukraine

Min order:                

Price:                          $

Supply ability:           150 units

Product details

Company profile


Product type: chips production line

Brand Name: automatic line for multigrain chips production

Country of Origin: Ukraine



Technological process:

Test tape is formed, rolled and stretched to obtain the desired thickness. After that, it is dried in a tunnel oven. The cutting machines forms a given shape and size from dough tape blanks. The blanks are cleaned in a special drum, and then roasted in conveyor fryer.
Excess oil is removed on a special conveyor after roasting. fried chips are transferred to special drum for sprinkling and distribution of flavor additives over the entire surfaces of the product. chips then moves on a multi-disk conveyor for cooling process then transfer to the packaging process.


Delivery Terms:


Min Order Quantity:

Price: $

Annual Supply Ability: 150 units

Product Specifications: Automatic chips production line is designed and seated for producing multigrain chips from mixture of wheat and corn flour. Key features of the production line: Automatic batching system of raw materials is foreseen Different recipe and color of product Homogeneity of batch Different tastes with different spices Design of lines can be developed according to customers production premises. Equipment set of the line: - extruder of dough ribbon with distributor - dough rolling machine - stretching device - conveyor with knife mechanism - tunnel oven - cooling conveyor - slicing machine - feeding conveyor - drum for removing crumb and small fraction - fryer - conveyor for oil removal - drum with spices batcher - cooling conveyor - elevator - packing machine.


Product Style: Processing

Type of Processing: automatic

Product Variety:


Packaging Type: Container

Packaging Material: Metal

Packaging Weight/Volume:



Legal Name: UkrTechnoFood


ukrTechnoFood since in the market since 1994. have a trade mark in food processing machinery of bakerys products, snacks , pasta equipments, cofecientery
we manufacture and design according the client requirements.


Selling Categories

- Food Processing Machinery>>Bakery Machinery & Equipment

- Food Processing Machinery>>Other Food Processing Machinery & Equipment


Member since                2018-12-17

Business Type                Producer

Year established            1994

Employees total             100

Annual revenue             10MILLION


Contact Information

Company      UkrTechnoFood

Address         15, Zabolotnogo Str.,Kyiv, Ukraine

City                 Kiev

Country         Ukraine

Phone            +38 066 089 35 28


Skype             utfkiev


Payment Terms:






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