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Company:                 NIRRA

Country of origin:    GREECE

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Product type: 100% RAW GREEK HONEY

Brand Name: NIRRA

Country of Origin: GREECE



This flavorous honeydew honey is collected from April to August from a wide variety of forest trees such as wild oaks, pine trees, firs, lindens, chestnut trees and wild herbs as well as from almost 1100 rare indigenous plant species. It is this rich diversity in its harvesting that comprises its complex character and raises the Greek forest honey in the top position worldwide concerning quality and antioxidant action.


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Product Specifications: 100% raw honey Aroma soft woody forest aroma Colour dark honey colour with green fluorescence Taste medium sweetness with weak acidity and burnt caramel overtones Properties rich in minerals and up to four times more intense antioxidant action than any other forest honey worldwide Crystallization it does not crystallize easily due to the low sugar and water concentration


Product Style: Raw

Type of Processing:

Product Variety: FOREST HONEY


Packaging Type: Box

Packaging Material: Glass

Packaging Weight/Volume: 250g



Legal Name: NIRRA


Inspired by the unique structure of the beehive society, led by a long-term tradition of beekeeping, with respect to the constant, concerted and continuous process of honey production, we are primarily concerned with the extraction of genuinely pure biological raw honey of superior quality which fully sustains its unparalleled and infinite nutritional value along with the holistic satisfaction it offers to the senses.

We honestly believe that honey is an invaluable natural food and we treat it as such, by selecting it carefully, extracting it through natural processes that maintain its nutritious elements and original aromas and flavours, and delivering it intact to your table and palate so that you savour the most exceptional high quality honey from the land of Greece.

Sustainability is the other pillar of the NIRRA vision, so we have conceived the production of limited and rare honey-based products that will not only fall in the category of superfoods by default but will also add a gourmet touch in your gastronomy and intrigue your palate.


Selling Categories

- Bee Products>>Honey


Member since                2018-10-17

Business Type                Producer & Trading Company

Year established            2016

Employees total             3

Annual revenue            


Contact Information

Company      NIRRA

Address         karaiskaki 34

City                 Thessaloniki 54250

Country         Greece

Phone            +302313054933

Fax                 +302313054933


Homepage   http//


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Nirra Company is certified with ISO 22000 - 2005 for the Quality Management and Food Safety system it applies