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Company:                 Olive Oile

Country of origin:    Jordan

Min order:                 1

Price:                          150$

Supply ability:           100000

Product details

Company profile


Product type: Extra Version

Brand Name: dPetra

Country of Origin: Jordan



Organic Olive Oil squeezed under lowest degree - cold prusure.

The factory here use modern technology:

link to factory:

the prices are competetive. Prices between 10.00-13.00 USD for each (1 Liter 900-1000 gram).


Delivery Terms:

all shipment possibilities are offered from Jordan
extra amount of requested order led to low cost of shipping.
payment also allowed via all possible facilites.


Min Order Quantity: 1

Price: 150$

Annual Supply Ability: 100000

Product Specifications: Different types of oil from ONLY ancient roman olive trees and re-planted seeds of original type is used. Lives in Jersh - Jersia - The oldest Roman City and the largest remained overall world. The Rome empire expanded the agriculture of this type of oil as a Holy food until these days the native genion citizen are planting and using for all type of foods and salads, due to the pure water of rain and spirits that it water trees and ure natural environment. for order please confirm to: Dr. Sameer Dandan 00962790209524 Whats app 00966541558544 email:


Product Style: Fresh

Type of Processing: Only filter process is used to purify oil from minor-grains

Product Variety: Extra Version - Class 1


Packaging Type: Flexible Packaging

Packaging Material: Metal

Packaging Weight/Volume: 15 Litre

About Olive Oile


Legal Name: Jerash Mountains Press for Extra Version Olive Oile


In our Oil-press, we produce organic olive oil, version, cold pressure with competitive prices and shipping overseas, we sell our product under the regulation of high quality and legal export/import code of regional resource.
Our factory in Jordan welcomes you and any agent/representative to explore and test out production.
Prices between 10.00-13.00 JOD for each (1 Liter 1000 mlg).
We export to Gulf, Turkey, EU, Iraq, India via suppliers.
I hope that if you are interested, we can have a fruitful discussion about that.


Selling Categories

- Organic Products>>Organic Food Oil


Member since                2021-06-22

Business Type                Producer & Trading Company

Year established            2011

Employees total             60

Annual revenue             35000


Contact Information

Company      Jerash Mountains Press for Extra Version Olive Oile

Address         Jerash - Amman Main street Jerash Region - North Amman Dr. Sameer Dandan 00962790209524 Whats app 00966541558544 email:

City                 Amman

Country         Jordan

Phone            00962790209524


Skype             captain sam


Payment Terms:

All possible Payments availble



Natural Organic Foods of all types of agricultural crops
espceially Olive Oile extra version



This Company certidied by Joranian Firms and Investement in Food Companies under the legal licenses coded in numbers:
999991: Bank Loans and Credit payement
620930: Olive and Olive-Oil trading
620929: Olive and Olive-Oil Packaging
610022: Importing & Exporting
311551: Olive-Press


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