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Vanilla Beans

Company:                 Dago Vanilla

Country of origin:    Madagascar

Min order:                 25kg

Price:                          Please contact

Supply ability:           100MT

Product details

Company profile


Product type: Spices

Brand Name:

Country of Origin: Madagascar



Appearance : Soft, fleshy and shiny black colour, slightly brown
Aroma : chocolate fragrance


Delivery Terms:

3 weeks after firm order.


Min Order Quantity: 25kg

Price: Please contact

Annual Supply Ability: 100MT

Product Specifications: Moisture content : 30 to 38% Vanillin content : 1,7 to 2% Use : gourmet cuisine, pastry, ice cream, chocolates, Packaging: Wrapped in wax paper under 25 kg cardboard. Calibration:4 to 6 grams per pod, 13 cm to 20 cm


Product Style: Flavor

Type of Processing:

Product Variety:


Packaging Type: Carton

Packaging Material: Other

Packaging Weight/Volume: 25kg

About Dago Vanilla


Legal Name: Dago Vanilla


We are family business, 30 years in Vanilla, 100 % natural vanilla producer, collector and exporter based in the SAVA region in north-eastern Madagascar. Our Beans are manufactured exclusively for us in Madagascar. We have packaging companies at two locations: Tsaravokatra, Antalaha, and Vanipromad, Sambava, Madagascar and both are certified Organic with ECOCERT.

Our mission is to provide our customers excellent quality of vanilla beans, organically certified, and a frustration free purchase process.

You will find below the description of the different product. We are pleased to share our expertise on the best product corresponding to your end need. We can provide more details on the specifications of the products that you may be interested.

Enjoy the fragrance of the best vanilla beans in the World.


Selling Categories

- Organic Products>>Organic Food Ingredient


Member since                2020-12-01

Business Type                Producer & Trading Company

Year established            2020

Employees total             2

Annual revenue            


Contact Information

Company      Dago Vanilla

Address         7574 Dunsmuir St

City                 Mission

Country         Canada

Phone            604-755-3153




Payment Terms:



Vanilla Beans
Vanilla Powder