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Wheat Flour Mara Farine Brand

Company:                 Boom Plus For Manfacturing and Commerce

Country of origin:    Egypt

Min order:                 24

Price:                          280$

Supply ability:           1500 Ton Per Day

Product details

Company profile


Product type: Wheat Flour

Brand Name: Mara Farine

Country of Origin: Egypt



Mara Farine the purist flour from factory to your table /Made From Hard WheatConform To International Standards ISO 9001 Certified /Packing details: 50 Kg Bag1 Mt 20 Bags 50 KgContainer type: 20 ft containerContainer capacity (MOQ): 24 MT or 480 Bags


Delivery Terms:

- Delivery time depends on order volume.
- We can deliver our products to any port.
- We are near you in Egypt so you will get very low shipping cost.
- We are very committed to Shipping schedules.


Min Order Quantity: 24

Price: 280$

Annual Supply Ability: 1500 Ton Per Day

Product Specifications:


Product Style: Dried

Type of Processing: Milling

Product Variety:


Packaging Type: Bag

Packaging Material: Plastic

Packaging Weight/Volume: 50 Kg

About Boom Plus For Manfacturing and Commerce


Legal Name: Boom Plus



Selling Categories

- Grain and Cereal>>Flour


Member since                2020-03-19

Business Type                Trading Company

Year established            2004

Employees total             60

Annual revenue            


Contact Information

Company      Boom Plus

Address         EG , - , Cairo , Investment Area, Flat Number 304, Building No. 7, El Yassmin City Project, El Katam

City                 Cairo

Country         Egypt

Phone            0227338383




Payment Terms:





ISO 9001 Certified